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A delicate blend of crawfish, fish and pork with the addition of bell peppers, celery, green onions and garlic make this an extremely flavorful sausage and can stand alone on a po-boy or accompany some of our cities favorite dishes. A true jazz fest favorite.$4.99 per pound (Sold in 5 pound packages) Price: $24.95
A New Orleans 7th Ward tradition of adding salted, pickled pork to accompany our greatest dishes. You can’t make gumbo, red beans and rice and greens without it...that would be sacrilege!!! $3.39 per pound
(Sold in 5 pound packages) $16.95
A perfect partner for your red beans and rice or gumbo, our smoked pork sausage adds just the right balance of smoke flavor and seasoning to any dish that you would love to give some home grown authenticity.
$2.69 per pound (Sold in 5 pound packages)
Add to any of your dishes to give a great flavor and taste straight from the heart of New Orleans. Works wonderful in Beans, Gumbos, Stews and anything that needs a little “aw-yeah!” $4.75 per pound
(Sold in 5 pound packages) $23.75
A spicy creole favorite made with a mixture of beef and pork that will send your taste buds into a tizzy. With special emphasis on our seasoning rather than just pepper, our creole hot sausage continues to please our loyal customers since it was first made in 1899.
$3.69 per pound (Sold in 5 pound packages) $18.45

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